TEPCO says it needs to cut Y100 bil in costs to stay afloat

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    Now I wonder how much in bonuses the executives will get this year?

    So many Japanese don't get them, why should they?

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    Rick Kisa

    Somebody remind me; does TEPCO boast same management as during 3/11, or there was an overhaul? If no change, i stop reading any stuff from TEPCO....

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    Japan has too many electric utility companies. Let TEPCO go under, the government will have to pickup the costs of Fukushima anyway. Most likely, TEPCO isn't alone and other utilities will be in trouble because of nuclear power. At some point, there will be on utility uniting Japan under one electrical system. That will be a good think.

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    Those cuts will most likely be in operation instead of management. All the fat cats will be just fine, as always!!! This firm is a disgrace!

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    Mirai Hayashi

    Cutting executive salaries would be a good start.

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    In November, the company doubled estimates of its Fukushima-related costs to 10 trillion yen, which is equal to about two percent of Japan’s gross domestic product.

    Ah, yeah, but nuclear power is cheap and safe, right? The government cannot let TEPCO go under cos they own 51% of it. The thing that boils my blood most is, TEPCO has admitted the meltdown was caused by human error and their blatant disregard of safety warnings and upgrades, but nobody has faced any sort of criminal charges. Now, every person in Japan is gonna have to foot the bill for TEPCO's ignorance. Nuclear power can be safe and it can be cheap, but not when it is run by lying and cheating children.

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    In between the lines translation of the headline goes something like this = We`ll soon be asking for a lot more taxpayer bailout money than anyone imagined so we better release some media statements about cuts that we will make "sometime between now and 2021 ".....by then most of our senior managment will have safely retired with golden parachutes largely unaffected. We ask for your understanding and co-operation.

    Bet it won`t be long before TEPCO revises the estimates of Daiichi costs again and "humbly " comes asking for more govt. dough.

    @disillusioned -plus one.

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    well said disallusioned, Nuclear can be safe and cheap, if its regulated properly by people who know what theyre doing, its when you give control to these power companies who are profit driven at the expense of safety that problems will happen. with the oversupply of electricity youd think prices would be cheaper but in fact J power is one of the most expensive in the world. government needs to deregulate the market while keeping strict controls on safety, giving people the choice to choose which company to use. works well in the airline industry, cheap prices with strict safety.

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    Tepco should not be run for profit, they should not be allowed to make a profit for what they did

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    Break up the damn company, bring some price competition to the electricity market. It's silly that I can't choose which utility I want to use.

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    Don't let it stay afloat. Period. Sink it.

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    Tokyo Electric Power said on Monday it must cut 100 billion yen more in annual costs to stay afloat as the operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant faces huge compensation and clean-up costs.

    *inhales sharply through teeth.

    Hey TEPCO, time for you to not be the 'operator of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant' anymore. Let someone more honest and competent take over, please.

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    Break up the damn company, bring some price competition to the electricity market. It's silly that I can't choose which utility I want to use.

    Depending upon where you live there are options from what I've heard. Also keep in mind that Eastern Japan followed the German model and has a 50-cycle electrical power grid. and the western part of Japan used the American model and has a 60-cycle grid. There is very limited transfer capability available and it evidently costs a ton to build the plants needed to convert one to the other.

    TEPCO has other facilities besides Fukushima.

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    May EVERY single ONE of TEPCO's management be made redundant. May every single on of them suffer deprivation, squalor and fear. Also, your families. Then, and only THEn may you lose some of the arrogance that will see you UNDERSTAND.

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