Two 17-year-old skeletons found in car at bottom of reservoir

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    What a nasty discovery that must of been for the workers!

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    Even if a crime was involved, it would be difficult to tell now.

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    Well, if any good is to come of this it's that there COULD be some closure for anyone related to the two brothers (I say could because it might be hard to identify them beyond the shadow of a doubt. I don't think even dentists keep records for more than five years if there have been no subsequent visits).

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    WOW !!!!! 1995 I was in Japan for 3 years. Amazing !!!!! I.D. them by their clothes. Maybe you can get DNA from the bones ????

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    Whoever these boys are, they're somebody's children, and I heop the discovery can bring some kind of peace to them.

    The car itself might be useful in identifying them, if licence plate and so on are still legible.

    As an aside, I hope the water from that reservoir has always been well purified before consumption. I wonder what barriers, if any, are erected to protect it.

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    The pain the family must have gone through for all those years never knowing what happened to them......i hope this brings some closure. Very sad indeed.

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    Maybe you can get DNA from the bones ????

    The police already know who they are. The car number plates should be enough.

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    I hope they can now be laid to rest

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    How often do they do land surveys? Once every 20 years?

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    Skeletons in the closet*...... Know reservoirs are deep but why wasn't it checked when brothers were presumed missing?

    Whoever they were, once identified families can now have some sort of closure! R.I.P

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    Mike Critchley

    ** Reminder to self: Buy a water filter**

    Must have been a shock and a half to the workers. And to the families -- although the closure will be much needed, I'm sure.

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