Two injured as commuter train derails at Kawasaki

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    Heard this news on the Japanese railway.....trains werent running between Tsurumi and Hamata stations for a while....was wondering what the cause was.....intense photo......

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    Derailments are extremely rare in Japan. I hope the 2 JR staff will be OK. It must be a coincidence but 2 derailments within a week at exactly the same time and both in Kawasaki does strike me as one seriously big coincidence indeed. Hope they are up and running tomorrow morning.

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    JR....again. Wide bodied trains on narrow gauge tracks, not a good mix. Fortunate that just two commuters were on board

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    Vernie Jefferies

    That accident has been a real mess all day today. I had some friends stuck down in Kawasaki for 2 hours. And that was late Sunday evening around 6 pm.

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    A.N. Other

    The out-of-service train derailed

    The correct term is "not in service".

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    Carcharodon the only two people on board were staff not commuters

    slightly injuring its driver and conductor,

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    Mirai Hayashi

    Luckily there were no passengers on board

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    maintenance car was on the wrong tracks...luckily it was late night and the train is on route to the service area when the accident happened

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    Not only is the economy off the rails, though I'm suprised the trains are now.

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    That actually looks like a Keihin-Tohoku sen 10 car train set that derailed. I hope that won't cause a 'shortage' during peak hours for the next couple of weeks/months while they get that set repaired and back into service.

    Glad to hear it wasn't worse for the crew however one must still wonder what lead up to that driver missing the signs that something was on the tracks ahead. Were there any warnings?

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    Raymond Chuang

    @KnowBetter, according to Wikipedia, 83 10-car E233-1000 trainsets were built specifically for the Keihin-Tohoku Line service. Given that a number of them are in repair shop for regular maintenance, missing one trainset will have not effect service in terms of trainset availability. But what WILL affect service is the damage to the tracks, which may force JR East to suspend Keihin-Tohoku Line service south of Kamata Station (I believe the other services on the Tokaido Main Line from Tokyo Station westward are not affected).

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    one must still wonder what lead up to that driver missing the signs that something was on the tracks ahead. Were there any warnings?

    On the morning news they were saying that the light for the train to enter the station was on green, and the driver had no way of knowing there was anything on the line. Whoever let the maintenance carriage onto the line without making the proper arrangements is going to have a lot of explaining to do.

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    Kobuta Chan

    "An empty commuter train jumped the track "

    I'm sure that accident is causing by speeding.

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    It sounds to me like there may have been a communications error in train control.

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    I'm sure that accident is causing by speeding.

    I am sure you only read the first sentence in this article..

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    Accidents happen, people are not perfect. Am happy all will be alright.

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    Where it was an out-of-service train or not-in-service train, it is definitely "out-of-service" now.

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