Western Japan records hottest summer ever

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    It was the hottest summer since I've been here, and I pray it's not going to be a trend. Give me a cold winter any day -- you can heat yourself up. But a hot summer, there's nothing you can do.

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    Tell me again how this global warming thing is not scientifically proven.

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    The heat is on! Turn off the heater please.

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    "HAD" the worst summer? I assume that summer is still going. Today's high is 33, low of 26 with high humidity. Is that supposed to be autumn-type weather?

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    Marlin Hughes

    I have been living here for 20 years and I have never witnessed a summer like this in Kyushu. Just to add, only 2 typhoons hit this whole summer. What's up with that? Usually we see at least 4 within a 20 day span. Granted, back home in Nebraska this summer in Japan is average for them.

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    Gaijin Desi

    This is not the usual summer where you can go out and jump in and spend a day in water pond. Better stay indoor, cover your body with proper clothing when go out specially head, drink lots of water/ochha. While jumping in a pond people expose their body to SUN's Radiation and then suffer heatstroke. Well heatstroke is latly indroduced in Japan and many people are not aware about it. so be careful. Have a nice day !!!

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    I love Japan but this is the suckiest of the experience.

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    It is not the "hottest summer ever." The correct expression is "hottest summer on record." It is not possible to know the hottest summer ever.

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