Work crews demolish anti-Narita airport protest relics

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    They kept fighting and not willing to give in until Ishihara of Tokyo decided to make Haneda bigger and able to serve to more international these people realize that narita won't expand anymore and thus holding up their land to get the maximum profit is over.

    And after all the protest, they realize that they need Narita for their jobs...sounds like the US bases in Okinawa.

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    for 30 years they have been fighting and were willing to fight until the last breath until Tokyo Haneda came into the picture....but of course many politicians and shady characters were made rich by the bureaucracy and bribes that went over building of Narita Airport.

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    Narita was the stupidest idea they ever had... (Actually, I should correct this, "One of the Stupidest Ideas." They still have a bunch more stupid ideas out there...)

    Here's a Good Idea, Let's Build Tokyo's busiest International Airport in Nagoya... Or is that too close...?

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    It has improved vastly in the last 10 years, but it used to be a lot worse in the old days. Maybe the worst airport in the developed world.

    It used to consist of one extremely crowded terminal building with not enough seats (we used to sit on the floor like 3rd world peasants while waiting for flights) and the immigration lines snaked back to the wall and doubled back again. You needed to book well in advance to get a seat on a Skyliner, which only ran a few times a day. I remember having to stand up with suitcases for over an hour on a jammed semi-express as all the Skyliner seats were long sold out.

    But then the American Chamber of Commerce, IATA, and other overseas groups officially condemned Narita as a "trade barrier," etc., it was that bad. Thank god for gaijins who complain and embarrass the Japanese, because Narita is now a lot better...for everyone.

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    I agree that Narita is a nice airport now. I can get from the plane to the train station, with baggage, in 15-20 minutes. If you're coming from the north the travelling time to Narita or Haneda is much the same. My record from Narita to Sendai is just under 2 hours 40 minutes, including a run between the stations at Ueno.

    Also, where else can you see a house surrounded by taxiways displaying "Down with Narita Airport" banners?

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    Think it would be better to fly into Chubu and take the Shinkansen to Tokyo. Even if you are going to Tokyo Narita is a pain in the rear.

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    Some of them remained and the airport was built around them, leaving one of the taxiways bent.,140.399126&spn=0.00417,0.008047&hq=narita+airports&radius=15000&t=h&z=18

    indeed just google mapped it, that is absolutely nuts!

    and this one too, right in the middle of the airport is a farm!,140.399523&spn=0.016677,0.026565&hq=narita+airports&radius=15000&t=h&z=16

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    I remember my first trip to Japan my JR railpass train to Narita(not the airport) & then had to take a JR bus because the train didnt go to the airport, ah the memories

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    The U.S. did the exact same thing with its national capitol - and only a little earlier than Tokyo did. The capitol already had Washington National Airport (now re-named "Ronald Regan International Airport") but it had reached it's limit. So in the late 50's they started building a new airport "out in the sticks". Dulles International Airport is about 36 kilometers from the White House "as the crow flies" and opened for business 50 years ago this month. Washington Metro subway service to the airport - IS STILL BEING BUILT. For 50 years, if you wanted to go from Dulles to the Washington Monument, you had to take a taxi or limousine service. So just remember that Narita COULD have been worse! ;-)

    The airport "out in the sticks" is now completely surrounded by dense housing developments.

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    Eight other huts still remain on land allocated for the airport or around it, according to Kyodo News. One of them has forced a taxiway to be bent to avoid it.

    Looking at Google Earth, it seems that runway 34R has one of those re-routed taxiways. There's a small farm plot that is laid over where the taxiway used to be and you can see how the taxiway was re-routed around the plot I didn't see a hut there, though. 35° 47' 20.94" N, 140° 23' 14.43" E (suggested viewing altitude, 3000 feet)

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