World's oldest woman dies in Japan aged 115

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    Chris McMillan

    The Kawasaki municipal government said she had enjoyed spending time with her son, who lives at the same nursing home. The city did not disclose the cause of death, Kyodo said.

    son lives is same home... nice hey..... and the city did not disclose the cause of death... maybe old????

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    Marilita Fabie-Fujisawa

    Or maybe of " natural causes"?....

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    Maybe you should show some respect?

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    My wife will be one of these... Very ironic given the highest suicide rate per pop in the world.

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    1897! My grandmother passed away about 7 years ago and was 99 at the time. You really have to sit down and fathom what occurred during their lifetimes. From horse and wagon to space age and super computers. Amazing.

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    Robert Young

    Another news report said the son was 88 and Koto Okubo, 115, died of pneumonia.

    Also, if it's not clear: Koto Okubo was the world's oldest woman but not person because Jiroemon Kimura, 115, a man, is older (he was born Apr 19 1897).

    The new World's Oldest Woman is now Misawo Okawa of Osaka prefecture. She was born March 5, 1898.

    Japan had the top 4 positions on the verified World's Oldest Person lists for ten days (Jan 2-Jan 12 2013). Japan still has the top three spots at the moment.

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    Raju Paudel

    RIP koto San

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    Steven Mondy

    Kyoto is becoming another "Blue Zone"

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    Tom DeMicke

    Wow. Really good point with what they've seen during their lifetime. Definitely rest in peace Koto-san.

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    It's a tough gig

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    Peter Payne

    Would kind of suck outliving all your children and some of your grandchildren. But it'd be cool too.

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    It's a title that's never held long. A tough couple of months for the "oldest". After that American died, the NEXT oldest American died two weeks ago. With the virulent strain of influenza going around this Winter, I wonder if there will be a lot more "oldest" succumbing to pneumonia and the like in the coming months?

    Anyway, RIP to a lady who has experienced more history than can be fathomed by this "youth".

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    Gee Robert- are you sure about this ?

    Japan had the top 4 positions on the verified World's Oldest Person lists for ten days (Jan 2-Jan 12 2013). Japan still has the top three spots at the moment.

    The sad fact is, a number of Japanese centenarians have been called into question since 2010, following a series of reports showing that hundreds of thousands of elderly people had gone "missing".

    Examples taken from local headlines: In July 2010, a centenarian listed as the oldest living male in Tokyo, registered to be aged 111, was found to have died 30 years before; his body was found mummified in its bed resulting in a police investigation into centenarians listed over the age of 105. Soon after the discovery, the Japanese police further found that at least 200 other Japanese centenarians were missing, with the total likely to rise amid a nationwide search that began in early August 2010. In one case, the remains of a mother thought to be 104 had been stuffed into her son's backpack for nearly a decade

    The US is home to more than 70,000 centenarians- the world's largest "verified" population.

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    My condolences to the family of Koto Okubo, may she rest in peace. Should you have an interested in more information on these amazing people or other supercentenarians(people over 110 years) we track all verified living supercentenarians at

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