Zojoji Temple in Tokyo discontinues New Year’s Eve countdown due to safety concerns


The famous Zojoji Temple in Tokyo will not hold its popular countdown on New Year’s Eve. The temple attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year on Dec 31 and early Jan 1.

The temple said on its website that the year-end event, which has been held for the past 24 years, is being canceled for safety reasons.

It said the event has recently seen a dramatic increase in the number of visitors. “In spite of our best effort to secure the visitors’ maximum safety by rerouting the guided paths, there remains a severe safety risk under the present situation. Upon deliberating the issue in consultation with concerned parties and relevant authorities, we have decided to cancel the event at the temple this year,” a statement said.

The temple is also popular as a location for films. In September, Hugh Jackman filmed a few scenes for his upcoming movie, “The Wolverine,” on a tightly restricted set at the temple.

Japan Today

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    Safety, the main priority?

    About time, Japan.

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    Well this is causing me to change my plans now.....

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    Kobuta Chan

    I have find to another Temple for Amai Sake and Yaki Soba.

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