ARROWS Tab F-05E tablet


Fujitsu’s new docomo ARROWS Tab F-05E Tablet boasts a 10.1” high-definition display, a 1.7GHz quad-core processor, and a high-capacity 10,080-mAh battery, enabling users to enjoy video content and other high-resolution image websites when on the go.

As a flagship model of Fujitsu’s tablet lineup, the F-05E is packed with high-spec features for entertainment, including Dolby Digital Plus technology for immersive sound, a switch-enabled smart fingerprint sensor, and a family-friendly style switcher.

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    Not sure if the price is right or not...

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    Guess Fujitsu employees will use it but doubt that most people would bother. Not a fanboy but Apple just make things easy to use.

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    @cadmium: What price? It's not listed and I just did a quick search for a price but it seems it doesn't have one just yet.

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