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How often have we been told to eat slowly and chew our food? For those worried that their kids are not biting as much as they should while eating, Nitto Kagaku Corp has come up with the Kami Kami Sensor, a device for kids that counts the number of bites. It beeps every 30 bites and a melody starts ringing every 1,000 bites, to habituate kids to biting.

There are two sizes—a small one for junior students and medium size one for senior students at elementary school level.

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    Sounds dumb but let me tell you this is a very key step to prevention of overeating. Eating fast by not chewing properly, leads to overstuffing of one's self (you gorge yourself before stomach gets the signal that it is full).

    With the simple act of slowing down eating, it allows your stomach to send signals that it is full.

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    Forget kids, my adult coworkers could use this...

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    How about a neck strap that only loosens after 30 bites?

    I'm off to the patent office...

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    What other wonderfully useful products have Nitto Kagaku Corp come up with. I would love to have a caca caca sensor.

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    1ooo bites? My wife could get it to go crazy. Chews, on the other hand....

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    Nice coz usually people in japan just swalow the food...

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    Here's an idea, how about the parents themselves set a good example, then the child will imitate them, and everyone will be safe and happy! but wait, that requires common sense, and your udon and ramen will not be delicious because you can't slurp it down and let it slide down your throat.

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    "how about the parents set a good example, then the child will imitate them"

    That wouldn't work. Kids do the opposite of what their parents do/tell them to do.

    I could use a Kami Kami Sensor myself. I've always wolfed my food down. I wonder if that has anything to do with my parents taking an hour to eat dinner... my father nearly died of starvation in the Army - they only had 15 minutes to eat in the Army...

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