Bluetooth slide wireless keyboard


This wireless keyboard TK-FBP049E series from Elecom supports Bluetooth 3.0, and can be used immediately just by sliding the main body to the left or right. It is furnished with an Automatic Power Switch in which the cover automatically opens and the power turns on when the main body of the product is slid. The power is turned off simply by closing the cover.

It is a useful product which can be turned on immediately in one action and allows you to smoothly get to work.The product’s specifications feature a cover which gradually rises when the keyboard is opened, and a stand on which a smartphone can be placed.

Due to it being equipped with a Input Mode Switch Key which allows the iOS mode and Windows mode to be switched, text can be inputted comfortably. Since the mode can be switched instantly by pressing one button, a single keyboard can be used for multiple terminals such as iPhones/iPads and Windows PCs. 

Through the use of function keys located at the top of the keyboard, it is possible to take advantage of convenient features such as media playback and return to home screen. A dedicated driver is not necessary for installation. The product is ready to use, including the function keys, once it has been connected. The “pantograph type”, which is used for many laptop keyboards, is used for the key type. The 1.5mm keystroke flat panel key top enables a light and reliable key touch. Thanks to the compact, but typing friendly 17.5mm key pitch, text can be input comfortably.

Since it supports Bluetooth 3.0, as well as products such as PCs, smartphones, and iPhones/iPads which support HID Profile, it can be used without separate receivers and allows for quick pairing. It can be operated from a distance of about 10 meters if placed on a non-magnetic material such as a wooden desk, or from about 3 meters on a magnetic material such as a steel desk.

It is furnished with a battery level indicator which flashes to inform you when you need to change the battery. It also comes with an automatic power switch which turns on when pressed, and off when closed. This helps to save battery power when not in use. It is compact and foldable, and is easy to carry around thanks to the special case supplied with it.

Price: 14,595 yen.

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    Price: 14,595 yen.

    That's a bit expensive!

    I bought a Buffalo bluetooth keyboard for 2,000 yen.

    It's light and works perfectly with my iPad and iPhone.

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