Bufferin Plus S

Bufferin Plus S uses FASTab, a rapid-dissolving tablet technology developed by Lion for quicker relief from headaches and fevers. The analgesic is composed of four active ingredients effective for pain and a gastric coating agent. Price: 1,080 yen for 24 tablets (tax excluded). 

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    'plus S' ..hmmmmmm.Dubious choice of name,since 'S' has often meant 'speed' in youth slang here.Great example of Japanese nonsensical advertising jargon that nobody really understands.

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    Asprin is generic so the only way for pharmaceutical manufacturers to make a buck from it is to come up with all these "value added formulations," which trick consumers into paying more. That said, the gastric coating agent may be more significant than the active ingredients since asprin is known to irritate the stomach lining and even cause bleeding.

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    Is Bufferin aspirin? I was under the impression it was acetaminophen?

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    Bufferin is not aspirin

    Bufferin is buffered asperin, hence the name. They are both acetaminephen. The "plus" is probably some generic that you could buy separately for much cheaper.

    I always laugh when I see eight Bufferin for 800 yen here, verus 150 asperin for the equivalent of 90 yen back home. 1000% markup is eggregious even for Japan.

    Total. Criminal. Conspiracy.

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    There are a few kinds of Bufferin in JP but the most popular one, Bufferin A, has 330mg of acetylsalicylic acid, which is Asprin.

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    Price: 1,080 yen for 24 tablets


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    for people sensitive to Allylisopropyl acetylurea, there is a slight risk of symptomatic purpura (fixed eruption) for Bufferin Plus S when used regularly for pain over a year or more.

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    This stuff's no good. Neither is that "Eve A" stuff. I need to take 6-8 of these weak painkillers for headaches and hangovers! Whenever I take a trip to Hawaii, I stock up on truckloads of real drugs: sleeping pills, Acetaminophen, codeine, etc. Pop 'em like candy! Love it.

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