Casio blings out G-SHOCK line


Casio has debuted six new G-SHOCK watches based on previous models, but this time plated with a brilliant gold color throughout: the band, the watchface, and the case. Depending on your fashion sense and/or outfit for the day, the timepieces are available in Dark Gold, Light Gold, and Rose Gold.

In typical Casio form, these aren’t any cheapo electroplated county fair replicas, they’ve very carefully edged and precisely coated every surface possible. The angle here is that these flashier, blingier versions will attract more younger buyers and add even greater diversity to the legions of G-SHOCK fans around the world (and they are legion).

The scaffolding beneath these new color variations are the digital/analog combination G-SHOCK models GA-100, GA-110, GA-200, GA-300, DW-6900, and GD-X6900.

Source: Casio via AkihabaraNews

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    Crush Them

    Its never been easy to find an all metal digital watch. Most are plastic for some reason.

    And I want an all metal digital watch. Trouble is, I need a timer, and half don't seem to have one. Further, I need a timer that can set the seconds, but half of the ones with a timer, its even minutes only. (sigh).

    My dream watch is the old Timex watch I have right now, but larger and all metal. My old Timex is the most accurate digital watch I have ever owned. It has a timer that will allow me to set the seconds. Plus, it allows me to set each digit individually, so to get 59 I don't have to push a button literally 59 times. I push the tens space 5 times and ones space 9 times.

    Casio, are you listening? I take function over form every time. Why can't watch makers combine both?

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    I like the G-Shock series, especially the recent ones in white, but these are t-a-c-k-y.

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    I had a gold-colored metal Casio world time watch in the 90s and it was beautiful. However, the movement died after about 3 years. Boo!

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    Are those rolexes in disguise?

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    I like the Rose Gold color.

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    Found a G Shock scuba diving once; it had been submerged long enough so that seaweed had sprouted on it. The display was blank, but I took it home and left it in the Los Angeles sun for a week, and the darn thing started to work again.

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