Comfy 'cat capes'


Japanese decorative goods maker kraso has released a great new item we guarantee that difficult-to-buy-for person doesn’t have.

Consider this scenario, familiar to all of us: You’re reading a book of sheet music without any instrument around. You’re sitting on the floor beside a glass of milk while your book of Chopin’s Prelude is propped up on a box atop a chair.

What’s missing from this everyday scene?

That’s right. A cape in the shape of a furry cat hanging off your back.

Available for 2,600 yen through the Felissimo online shopping site, these decorative “cat capes” are designed to keep our backs warm through the winter months.

This is especially useful in Japan where many keep warm under a home kotatsu, which warms the legs but can leave your back vulnerable to the winter chill. They’re designed with microfibers to keep your body heat in and also have a pocket to hold hot packs.

They’re cute, functional, and above all else, original. It’s pretty much a slam dunk for that hard to shop for loved one.

Source: Felissimo – kraso via IT Media (Japanese)

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    yeah, it's cute only if she wears nothing else...........

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    Prefer a hanten which keeps my arms warm as well.

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