Control your computer with a flick of wrist using 'Gesture Glove Mouse'


Thanko, Japan’s self-proclaimed “rare things shop,” is now selling a glove that allows users to control a computer or Android device using hand gestures.

The “Gesture Glove Mouse,” is on sale now for 4,980 yen. Users wear the glove on their right hand (sorry lefties, no word on a southpaw version yet) and strap on the connected sensor to their index finger. The glove reads the user’s wrist movements and translates it into cursor movements. Users click using their thumb and index finger.

The Gesture Glove Mouse supports Windows PC, Mac, or any Android device. It is also wireless and has a range of 10 meters. Its internal battery can be recharged using USB and can be used for 12 hours after one hour of charging.

Source: ITmedia


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    Tried to order one on that website,thinking it'd make a good gift for a gadget freak. Put in all my info, which is always a hassle with the faffing about with 半カ (half kana) etc. Got as far as clicking confirm, and the page went dodgy. Has anyone had any experiences of buying on this site which will make me less worried about my credit card?

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