Emergency flashlight works on any size of battery


Panasonic has developed the “ultimate disaster survival flashlight,” called Any Battery Light.

As the name suggests, this flashlight can run on any common battery you find lying around, regardless of its size, from AAA to D.

Previous flashlights were created that ran on your choice of AA to D sized batteries. However, the Any Battery Light can work on a single AAA battery if needed. Given the increasing use of AAA batteries, this is an important development.

If you insert one of each sized battery, you can expect up to 86 hours of operation. The flashlight uses one battery at a time selected by rotating the lamp end of the light.

The flashlight has an energy efficient arrangement of light emitting diodes (LED) to achieve AAA compatibility.

Panasonic got the inspiration for this survival light after a massive demand for flashlights following the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011.

The price is around 2,000 yen. Panasonic says that the Any Battery Light will be available on Jan 25.

Source: Panasonic via Sankei Biz (Japanese)

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  • 2


    Cool idea. Why didn't anyone come up with this before?

  • 1


    I agree!

  • 1

    Peter Shaw

    a wind up torch is still more practical.

  • -1


    If you are desparate to find any battery at all, because of a desaster, then you probably will have a big problem finding any battery lying around, that is still charged.

    So most certainly the simple and best and ONLY solution for emergencies is a wind up torch.

    Can someone explain to me, why something like this is actually printed in a newspaper?

  • 0

    Hunter Brumfield

    Volland, this is a pr release but well selected.

    I personally find this to be a great product and will buy if I come across it.

    Batteries are definitely is an issue in our household. We are always hunting for replacements from several different types, so anything to deal with that headache is much appreciated, especially in an emergency situation.

    The unexpectedly low price seems quite worth it.

  • -1


    I did not say that the different battery sizes are not a problem sometimes. But maybe it is because I have university degree, that I manage very well to always have a few spare ones of the three sizes we use in our house. I also do not use a torch every day a few times, and we actually own three of them which so far never have gone dead all at the same time, so its usual not a problem.

    The only time this can be a problem is after a reat desaster like a major earthquake, and it is definately better to own a wind up torch, but suit yourself. Japanese industry needs comsumers who will buy and buy and buy some more.

  • 3


    maybe it is because I have university degree, that I manage very well to always have a few spare ones

    Glad that university degree is being put to good use.

  • 0


    I definitely think it is a good idea. Being able to insert any battery that you happen to have increases its usefulness enormously. To those who mentioned wind-up lights: Don´t think for a moment that they last forever. The built-in battery deteriorates rapidly, which means after a while they only work while you crank them. And the cranking mechanism is hardly designed for a huge number of hours.

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