Gong! Alarm clock

Banpresto has developed a new alarm clock using wrestling and boxing gongs as the design motif. When it’s time to wake up, a referee’s voice counts down and the bell or gong rings.

Two types are available: the wrestling and boxing versions. At the set time, the alarm plays the voice of a broadcaster and the gong will ring unless the user can hit the clock within three counts (wrestling version) or 10 counts (boxing version). The product tests the user’s reflex ability to rise in time before the round is over.

Price: 2,919 yen. On sale in early 2010.

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    When it’s time to wake up, a referee’s voice counts down and the bell or gong rings.

    This is the last thing a person should need to wake from a peaceful sleep.

    If you're a deep sleeper in the Tokyo area, not to worry as the flocks of crows will make sure you rise n' shine on time every morning.

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    I've broken numerous alarm clocks over the years just by hitting them too hard to make 'em shut up...if i had this one, i'd probably make it three days before i've thrown through a wall.

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    haha..this is really funny...all it needs is a feature where you get punched if you don't wake up.

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    This may be useful for people who have trouble oversleeping and missing classes/work. Ill never ねぼう again!

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    A mini-heart attack every morning, wonderful.

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    It could be better. Set this next to a cage of cats with a solenoid set up to open up when the alarm hits. Now THAT will wake you up

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    Wow this would last all but 0.5 seconds at my house before i crush it and toss it off the 22nd floor.

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