Hello Kitty and Niconico Video get together for sweet collaboration


If you’re a Hello Kitty fan, here’s something that you won’t want to miss. In one of the coolest collaborations we’ve seen in a long time, Kitty-chan’s parent company Sanrio has joined paws (sorry) with quirky Japanese video site Niconico to produce a series of limited edition chocolate boxes.

Available across Japan from March 28, the boxes will come in 10 different varieties, each containing nine chocolates that could be any of 30 flavors.

It’s the case itself, though, that’s especially cool. Using a holographic transfer, the image on the front of the box changes depending on the angle at which it’s held. You’ll be able to watch Kitty-chan’s antics on the screen, complete with scrolling comments like “wwww” (LOL) and “kawaiiiiiiii!” (cuuuute!) , just like in real Niconico videos where users post real-time comments at any point during the movie.

The chocolate boxes will retail for 360 yen each and will be available all over the country from convenience stores, “Sanrio Corner” areas in department stores and, of course, official Sanrio outlets.

Source: Niconico Info

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