'i Bodymo' – Track how much you use your body


NTT Docomo has what it calls a health service called “i Bodymo” – a smartphone app that tracks the movement of your body – counts the number of steps you take all day, the calories you burn, the time and distance of exercise such as jogging, and can track the food and calories you burn.

They have announced that they have added 2 fun new features: “Pikukyara” – a function that shows a character in the app based on your picture that will act according to your activities, your exercise, and the food that you eat. And it gives you messages to cheer you up…

“Steps Ranking Prize” – a function that gives the chance to win 500 Docomo points in a drawing 3 times a month just for walking using i Bodymo. It is a good motivator for people to do more exercise!

Akihabara News

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    I prefer Runkeeper for when Im jogging. Turn it on, and then off when your finished.

    BUT I guess for ba-chans who do things like "go walking" and have alot of time to manually enter their calorie intake, this would be great.

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