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Thanko’s popular Super Slim Scanner A4 has become more powerful and useful. We’ve seen compact stick-style scanners before but this one has a liquid crystal display, so you can instantly check the scanned image without using a PC. Images can be checked at full size, 2x, 4x and 8x magnification.

Maximum resolution of scanned images has improved from 600dpi to 900dpi, and the maximum capacity of the microSD external card for data storage has increased from 16GB to 32GB. And it is now capable of saving files in PDF form as well as JPG.

It interfaces through USB2.0 and is compatible with Mac OS X10.4 and above, Windows XP SP3 and above, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Price is 7,980 yen.

Dimensions: 255 x 31 x 32 mm
Weight: 195g

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    Get Real

    Haven't phone cameras made this sort of thing redundant?

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    ummm have you even done a search on IOS or Android for "OCR"? give it a try

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