Krispy Kreme adds Sakura White Chocolate to lineup

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Japan will add the Sakura White Chocolate (200 yen) to its lineup of doughnuts from March 15.

The doughnut contains sakura cream based with a rich white chocolate base. The sakura flower is drawn by white chocolate on the surface of the doughnut, with pink sakura powder. The sakura cream and powder are made from real sakura petals, evoking the image and aroma of spring.

Other spring items are Lemon Cheese Cake (200 yen) and Pure Banana (180 yen), which were popular last year. 

A new frozen drink will also debut March 15. Cookie & Cream Chillers (430 yen)is a mixture of milk and a bitter cocoa cookie. It contains original milk powder, vanilla syrup, and is topped by whipped cream. 

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    I am surprised there is no comments like "leave my dounut as it is!" here yet. I personally would like to try, but normally I like Mister Donuts better...

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    Gotta try one. Wonder what the sakura cream tastes like? Hope it is a cherry taste ... a strong cherry flavor that is, not something weak that is lost in the sweetness of the donut itself.

    The Cookie & Cream Chillers ... sorry, will pass on that one. Don't believe my teeth are in tune for that shot of sweetness.

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    Now this is change I can believe in.

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    200 y to 430 y for a donut? ill take ramen anyday

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    I'm sorry, but sakura and chocolate do NOT go together.

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    Junk Food: RED ALERT!!!

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    I'm sorry, but sakura and chocolate do NOT go together.

    I can imagine what you like! Two donuts with sliced apples and in between a hamburger.

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