Lawson’s rooster-shaped teriyaki chicken bun


You might be getting sick of “osechi-ryori” and other new year’s eats. But if you’re still in the festive “oshogatsu” spirit, convenience store chain Lawson has released a rooster-shaped, Teriyaki Chicken Flavored Kara-age Kun Meat Bun (194 yen) to celebrate the Year of the Rooster.

The newly released buns are shaped just like Kara-age kun, the rooster character for Lawson’s best selling fried chicken cup, with a yellow beak, red comb, and even a wattle. Inside the soft, adorable-looking bun are small pieces of fried chicken marinated in sweet, savory teriyaki sauce.

Kara-age Kun Meat Buns are sold in Lawson stores across Japan for a limited time and in limited amounts. As the Chinese zodiac says, roosters are associated with fidelity and punctuality, as well as exorcising the evil. Rush to the nearest Lawson store to grab of piece of good luck.

Japan Today

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    That actually sounds incredible

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    Highly processed junk food. Reject.

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