Mirror thermometer

NEC Avio

NEC Avio has developed the world’s first mirror thermometer that captures and displays the user’s temperature with a built-in infrared sensor. It can detect if you have a fever without the need for physical contact. It has an alarm that goes off if it detects someone who is feverish. Two versions are priced at 98,000 yen and 120,000 yen.

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    I don't understand how it can be used effectively. Setting at the hospital, office, anywhere to avoid being infected? It's must be impossible.

    Does anyone come up with any ideas to use it so effectively?

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    That is WAY cool! caldina - if you had ever wrestled a kid to the ground and pinned them down screaming for 2 minutes to get a reading in front of loads of other bemused parents in the doctors waiting room, you would understand!

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    I can`t see why people would waste their money on a product like this. Maybe it is because they are a bunch of lazy people who loves to look at themselves in the mirror to discover how many irregular and unpleasant things that are on their face at the same time.

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    What's the difference in the two versions....other than the price?

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    Just an updated version of the airport ones they have been using for screening in-coming passengers for avian influenza etc. If an alarm goes off, then no-one will be able to slip through.

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    This is a cool product. I agree with miamum; sticking a thermometer in the mouth, the ear, the armpit or the bum of a small child long enough to get a reading is NOT pleasant!

    Some products are made just to advance technology into the mass-market environment. Not everything makes it into mainstream; however most everything is important with respect to evolution of product. Pioneering, or trailblazing is crucial to mainstream development of products. This mirror is probably one example. Another unrelated example is the Callback service we had in Japan in the 1990s when international calls were 300 yen per minute during cheap times. Of course, the pioneers, trailblazers get run over and squashed when big business comes in, but that's life! That's what we call "progress".

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    When I go to pick up a gout medicine subscription, they take my temperature. That is stupid. These people are fanatical about body temperatures. Now, if they became more fanatical about their teeth, then that would be a plus.

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    Miamum has a very good point, asI know from personal experience how difficult can it be to read the temperature from a 2 year old...

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    What's so hard about sticking a laser thermometer in a child's ear for the one second it takes to take a reading? It shocks me every time I'm asked to stick a thermometer under my arm at a Japanese clinic/hospital.

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    I think the point is that it greatly improves upon the sanitation aspect of sticking a thermometer under your armpit, in your mouth, or ear. Reducing the likelihood of germ transfer in health care settings is definitely a positive thing.

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    Infrared temp sensors on human skin is unreliable. Wonder how they improved on this....

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