REGZA audio system behind TV


Toshiba is going to release a new audio system REGZA Sound System RSS-AZ77 in late August.

REGZA Sound System RSS-AZ77 consists of 3 cylindrical parts: a dual drive woofer (maximum output 40W) and 2 satellite speakers (maximum output 20W+20W), and it produces a powerful and clear TV sound. It’s used by placing it behind a TV so that it doesn’t interfere with your view while you watch TV.

It is possible to use REGZA Sound System RSS-AZ77 with competitor’s TVs, but according to Toshiba, the recommended TV models for the audio system are Toshiba’s REGZA Z9X/J9X/Z8/J8/G9/S8 series.

Since REGZA Sound System RSS-AZ77 supports Bluetooth, it allows you to play music in a smartphone or tablet wirelessly through Bluetooth network.

Estimated price: 33,000 yen
Woofer: 660×90×95.5mm
Satellite speakers: 150×112.5×95.5mm
Total weight: 3.7kg
Source: AkihabaraNews

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    Seems bizarre. The speakers are BEHIND the TV? If your neighbors live on the other side of the wall, they're gonna love you for that.

    How is the stereo separation achieved? A pair of Onkyo powered speakers for half that price seems like a much better option.

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