Romantic potato chips


It’s nearly Christmas ... and that can mean only one thing: romantic dates on Dec 24.

What? Did you think we were talking about the pagan festival-cum-Christian holiday on Dec 25? No, no, no; the 25th is just a normal working day here in Japan, and everyone’s already forgotten about Christmas. People without plans for Dec 24, however, might as well join the ranks of those who use trains on dates and pay money to sleep next to strangers.

With the romantic dates of Dec 24, Valentine’s Day and March 14 (White Day) in its sights, snack maker Koikeya is about to launch a new range of potato chips — or crisps to backwards Brits like me — made especially for couples. And thanks to some clever packaging, Koikeya guarantee that these new chips will be the most romantic salty snack you’ve ever enjoyed.

Featuring the somewhat bizarre combination of Lemon Pepper and Sugar Butter flavors, the matching chips are on sale across Japan for 120 yen.

What makes them special? We’re glad you asked. As well as the bags containing special heart-shaped potato chips, by placing their bags side-by-side, snuggling couples are able to complete the heart design emblazoned on them, resulting in a brief but unforgettable moment of pure, unadulterated romance. Forget interlocking necklaces and carrying a photo of your loved one in your wallet; carefully aligning snack packaging is where the real passion is today.

Described as having a “gentle, romantic flavour,” the Sugar Butter chips sound a little sickly for our tastes and aren’t something that we’d ordinarily pick up. The Lemon Pepper variety, however, would be here at Rocket Towers any time.

As one might expect, Japanese netizens had plenty to say about the new couple-centric snacks, and very little of it positive:

  “Those heart-shaped chips look awfully fragile. I can see lots of broken hearts on the horizon!”

  “Maybe Koikeya just hate couples and this is their way of telling us?”

  “But… but why?”

  “I seriously do not see the point of these.”

  “Not to worry, guys; I very much doubt Koikeya are aiming these chips at the average bulletin board user…”

Some genuine food for thought there, we’re sure you’ll agree. But like them or not, we fear that these “couple chips”, as they’re already coming to be known here in Japan, are here to stay…

Source: 暇人速報

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    Hate to say it, but those 'heart' shapes look awfully Freudian. What will be open on Christmas Eve?

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    I want to try them, they sound nice

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    Saul Schimek

    head tilt Well, okay then.

  • 0

    Thomas Proskow

    I'm sure lonely overweight singles who just want to try both flavors will be the number one buyers.

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    Anri Nakamine

    Romantic potato chipsOwww that is so pretty package that I like it. Sugger butter and Lemon pepper? That makes me hungry. Are those planning to come to Okinawa ? “romantic flavor”?? What does it mean? hahaha That’s sounds good flavor that I really want to try it.I don’t usually eat potato chips but I am sure people will love it.

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