Shock-absorbing ZEROSHOCK cases


Elecom has added two new sizes to its super shock-absorbing ZEROSHOCK Series cases. In addition to working with large-format, wider laptops, the super shock-absorbing ZEROSHOCK Series is offered in a popular range of bag-in-bags and cases sized for tablet PCs, digital cameras, and other AV equipment.

The new ZSB-IBUB Series is a model designed specifically for Ultrabook laptops. In order to preserve the thinness unique to Ultrabooks, this case has been designed with slimness in mind and achieves the lightest footprint of all ZEROSHOCK models. The case will be available in two sizes: one fitting Ultrabooks up to 15.6-inch wide, and another fitting models up to 11.6inch wide. Offered in a staple selection of black and white.

The ZSB-IBUB Series features a memory foam padding (“memory wave foam”) with a rippled wave shape for protection. This thick, solid padding cleanly absorbs external shocks and vibrations while keeping the total weight and footprint of the case light. With this new entry, ELECOM has achieved an even thinner version of its ZEROSHOCK technology. The result is a comfortable and easy to carry model.

By storing your Ultrabook in the case and then placing that in your bag or briefcase, your laptop will be solidly protected from all manner of outside impact and shocks. The case is lined in a velvet-like, napped material that will further protect your Ultrabook from scratches. The outer surface of the case is also finished in a high-quality polyurethane material that boasts superb water repellence. With this level of protection, your Ultrabook will be safe from not only shocks and impact, but a range of everyday problems.

The Ultrabook storage area is a fully-opening type that expands to easily fit your device and is fitted with twin zippers. This makes it a snap to slip your Ultrabook in and out of the case. The case also features a front pocket, letting you store your AC adapter or other accessories you need alongside your Ultrabook.

Price: 2,150 yen and 1,920 yen.

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