Silent LED wireless mouse


Buffalo is going to release the silent LED wireless mouse BSMBW11 series in mid-May.

This mouse series does not make sounds when you click even though it gives you a proper clicking sensation.

You can comfortably use it late at night, at the cafe or during meetings without bothering people around you.

With its blue LED sensor, you can control the mouse on a clear glass table or clear sheet where it would not be possible to work with a mouse that features optical or laser sensor.
Price: ¥4,770
Color: Black, White, Red, Silver, Blue, Pink

Source: AkihabaraNews

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    I bought a silent mouse for gaming when I was in Korea and love it. I really don't know why all mouses are not made this way as it is a great feature, especially when you are in a large office.

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    Patricia Yarrow

    Does it work with an iMac???????????????

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    People still use a mouse!?

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    " People still use a mouse!? "

    What do you do? Wipe your fingers over the screen you look at, like a toddler? Is that progress?

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