Smart aqua farming system links to smartphone devices


With constant technological developments, it seems as if anything is possible in the modern era. Now, technology allows us to appreciate nature at its finest right at our office desk or at home. Arky Design, a company based in Taiwan, has released a smart aquarium garden system that allows users to enjoy plants and fish at the same time. It can all be controlled with just a touch on your smartphone screen.

Herb & Fish Connect is a stylish and compact aqua-farming system, recreating the natural aquaponic system. The system can be maintained just by linking to the Bluetooth function of a smartphone device, causing minimal hassle caring for the plant and fish. The Bluetooth function allows you to switch the LED on and off to give energy to the plant, and also program the water pump of the fish bowl to run on a set schedule, as well as constantly monitor the water temperature.

The handy aqua-farming system that can grow herbs and let you enjoy the company of a pet fish at the same can be purchased online at video shopping site Discover for 9,800 yen.

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EMBA Special Lecture: Operations Modeling

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