Sugoi Battery


Sugoi Battery is exactly what you need to survive a disaster in the wilderness comfortably.

The name is derived from the Japanese word “sugoi,” which means great, awesome, kick-ass, and all that. So you can imagine it’s quite the power supply.

How great is it? How about enough to power 75 mobile phones for 25 hours (on standby with the LED screens on)? Sugoi Battery’s 75,000mA capacity could also run a refrigerator for just under eight hours.

It has two USB inputs (5V) which should handle most modern devices but also is equipped with two MiniDIN ports (12V/5V) to which you can attach a 12V AC adapter cable for older devices.

There is also a cigarette lighter socket for car devices but it can also be used for others with the help of an adapter sold separately. It can also charge by regular outlets, solar panels or a car.

With all that heavy duty power the Sugoi Battery is surprisingly light weighing in at 2.1 kg or about the weight of some laptops.

A lithium Sugoi Battery which boasts 75,000mA cost 37,800 yen but a cheaper lead-acid version is also available for just 9,800 yen. Despite the discount this battery still packs a punch and could charge 10 mobile phones at once.

Source: Sugoi Battery via Tabroid (Japanese)


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    No mention of how long it keeps it's charge in storage?

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    @jonobugs - Exactly the information I was looking for as I scrolled down. I'm interested, but that ¥37,800 is psychologically hard for me to consider.

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    Local boys here in Usa have been importing li-ion cells from china and making racing batteries for their motorcycles. Same tech but without the marketing hype. Li-ion cells hold their charge in storage for a year (at least) with out degradation, not so for the lead acid type, and would also likely weigh five to ten times as much.

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    Maybe good for a camping van whilst guerrilla camping.

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    export model? all instructions shown in english (!)

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    And then? What happens when you need to recharge it? Short term solution to a problem in a crisis. Needs to have a solar or pedeal power recharge option to be of any use. The price over the top, typical current Japanese product, over priced and of no real use.

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    there are manual charge battery units, where you manually wind a kind of turbine on the device. It does take a bit of winding, but you can power a radio or big flashlight in the African bush, what the devices are made for . These are devices, radio, etc, w/ the winding battery in it, however, I believe there is a device where you wind it, and like this one in this articel, you plug it into various devices.

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    search manual flashlight or crank flashlight,

    a lot of devices come with a crank, and solar power, a lot come with a radio and a flashlight and a lot come with one or more ports to power other usb/ ac adaptor devices (cell phones etc). I saw a lot i n the 20-50 us $ range.

    me and my friend used to have a couple back the the Y2K thing. they're kind of fun, tho inconvenient for normal use unless it'S an emergency and no power.

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