Super Sonic Wave SP spikes

Mizuno’s Super Sonic Wave SP spikes were developed by scientifically analyzing the dribbles of the country’s top soccer stars. The shoes contain a special cushion in the instep of the shoes— where the ball is most likely to come in contact—that dull the impact of the ball up to 60% to make it easier to pull off all those essential moves.

The studs on the bottom of the shoes have been developed both to make the shoes easier to run in and to make it easier to control the ball.

The Super Sonic Wave SP will be available at sports stores nation wide from July 10 for 18,900 yen.

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    Awesome, going to have to get me two pairs!! Go Japan!

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    Its mainly adidas at the world cup.

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    Wow, first class marketing blurb. Have to get a pair to see what it is about riding the supersonic wave. Oh, what does the "SP" mean?

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