Take sweet pics with this doughnut camera


Boasting a three mega-pixel sensor, a whole host of shooting modes and a number of hidden buttons and slots built into its surface, this PVC-coated doughnut-shaped camera is just begging to be poked and prodded. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t have a nice big smile on their face after having a doughnut pointed at them and asked to say “cheese”?

Costing 6,300 yen, the Geanee Doughnut Camera is made from soft and squidgy plastic with a realistic matte finish and a clip-able key chain attachment. Simply by peering through the central doughnut hole, users can line up their 1:1 image and snap away to their heart’s content, saving their photos to the on-board memory card.

The camera even has a video mode allowing snack loving photographers to capture video using any of the above digital lighting effects.

The Geanee Doughnut Camera is available to buy now from Premium Gear. Sure, nobody needs one, but what camera lover’s collection would be complete without it?

Source: Gizmodo Japan

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    saw this at don quixote last night; cute.

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    i could eat one of them

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    People find new ways to use a doughnut hole everyday!!! LOL

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