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In the world of first aid kits, one stands out above the rest. The Intelligent First Aid kit is the latest revolution in home and office first aid kits. It contains nine injury packs with the supplies needed to tend to each emergency, as well as an audio recording of the first aid instructions associated with each injury. 

The injury categories include breathing, bleeding, shock, head and spine, bone, eye, burns, bites and stings — the most common home and office injuries. Each pack contains an instruction module with printed and audio instructions. A button on the instruction module activates the audio instructions. These recordings can be paused and repeated during the emergency and each recording can be played over 30 times.

This first aid novelty is helping homes and offices prepare for unexpected injuries by providing an at home first aid audio guide. For people uncertified in first aid, an emergency can be a stressful situation and first aid instructions might be confusing. The calm voice from each pack delivers the audio instructions so that the person delivering first aid is able to focus more of their attention on the emergency. 

The Intelligent First Aid kits help offices comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards. The instructional materials provided in the Intelligent First Aid kits follow the National First Aid Science Advisory Board guidelines and the 2005 International First Aid and CPR guidelines. 

Right now the Intelligent First Aid kit is only available in English, but a Japanese version is being prepared for release in Japan with audio instructions delivered in Japanese. 

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    The inventor of this thing is a former U.S. Navy corpsman.

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    A brilliant idea, wonder why they didn't think of this sooner. Conventional first aid kits are a jumble of supplies and hard to figure out what to do in stressful situations.

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    I have seen this before in the media in the US. It really is cutting edge technology. I have seen the reviews, it is a mini first aid course within a first aid kit. With the recent cyclone in Myanmar and the earthquake in China, it is about time we took care of ourselves and our families. I hope to see this in Japanese retail stores asap! The English kits will serve the foreign community very well. I know friends and family in the military who would love this. Japanese residents will also benefit from this life saving technology. Well done!

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    As a Japanese resident living in Kobe after the earthquake, this kit really makes me wish we had it 10 years ago. We had a first aid kit in the house but it was old and outdated. This new Talking First Aid Kit is what Japan has needed for some years. After the introduction of the AED devices in the workplace and train stations etc, the first aid industry has been left behind. I see this as the future of first aid technology. Great concept Dave Hammond!

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    I purchased this kit on their website about 2 months ago. Let me tell you, it sounds great when reading about it but just wait until you actually own one. It blew me away. It is truly a first class first aid kit. I am recently married and plan on starting a family soon and having this kit in my house gives me the comfort of knowing if an accident happen to occur, we would be able to manage it until professional help arrived. Thanks Intelligent First Aid…your light-years ahead of the competition!

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    The first aid kit sounds great. I carry a smaller one in my SUV to at our gun club, & know similiar ones are carried in most places. The thing I seem to run out off the quickest & same at our gun club is normal band-aids. So I have to keep a watch on what is in stock though mine & at the Club are not as large as this one mentioned.

    The other point is that some people need a good first aid bit of training to also be updated every so often. I feel the latter is going to be the hardest to get across to people in taking their time off to train & to update.

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    Is it ok to import the English version into Japan? And are there any good first-aid courses run in English in Tokyo?

    (Sometimes Japanese Customs get a bit edgy when you purchase overseas medical stuff.)

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    I would have to check on the battery life of such a unit & if they are regular, easy to obtain batteries, before I would jump at the idea of buying one, BUT I still keep on thinking of what it is offereing one in aid of helping someone else.

    Also would like to see one work & know if it was ideal for my little bit of first-aid training or IF I have to upgrade my training rather then going into such an expense to find IT was beyond my abilities or understanding and can one have the procedure repeated a number of times?

    Believe me in the excitement of a friend or loved one needing assistance, often one will panic a bit SO the reason for being up to ITS standards or asking for a repeat on what one is to do next.

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    Having bought one I can tell you that the system is very easy to use. My kids often practice using the kit. They listen to the audio and also read the instructions that are written on the cards. The audio can be repeated as many times as you want. It guides you through the steps in a logical fashion that you would study in a first aid course. It really is a mini first aid course within a first aid kit. It is not a replacement for a first aid course but for those that have even been to one, the retention is sometimes only weeks. The kit helps in those precious minutes before help arrives. You can also practice whenever you want in the privacy of your own home. I keep one in the house and one in the car for trips with my family. The battery life is around three years. There is an on/off switch at the side of the card that saves the battery life when not in use. Replacement packs are available when the contents have been used.

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    Simply wonderful product....Knowing that it takes only 3-4 minutes without oxygen to be fatal, it is no wonder that injuries are the number one killer of all people worldwide...Most of us, regardless of our first aid background, will have a diffcult time figuring out what to do besides calling for help. Having supplies with no knowledge of what to do is useless..Having the knowledge with the supplies is genius....Well done..

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    Great product. It definitely will help. But people cannot ignore hands on training. Getting into a real first aid course and learning first aid is above and beyond.

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    Nice idea.

    Still prefer the way my country handles it. If you go for your drivers-licence you NEED to take a First-Aid course(pretty comprehensive incl. CPR, etc).

    Plus, you need to carry a FULL First-Aid kit in your car/bike, etc, refusing to give aid at an accident scene is punishable.

    Reminds me need to restock my own First-Aid kit.

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