Timberland folding shoes

Timberland Japan has released its folding Radler Trail Camp shoes. The shoes have zippers that make it possible to fold them up into a small size and carry by hand.

The full length is 15 centimeters when zipped. They can easily fit into a small bag or handy package. The shoe is made of a type of fiber that permits shoes to breathe, making the wearer’s feet less sweaty.

Comes in three colors: white, red and navy blue.

Price: 7,350 yen

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    They've been on the Japanese market for a while. The previous colors include red, yellow and I forgot the other ones.

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    Now if only I had folding feet...

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    That is pretty clever.

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    It sounds pretty clever, but I wonder who needs them?

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    Folding waterproof sandals, like Tevas, would be a better idea.

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    now thats nice except the price. hold on chinese knock offs coming soon probably

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    WilliB - when you hike for many days is good and better for the health to change shoes once in a while (daily?). Having them folded means they will take half the space in a backpack.

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