Track your kids with GPS and smartphone or tablet app


Wearables designed for kids? Well, since kids are not the ones choosing nor going out to buy these, they’re arguably still adult wearables that adults attach to their kids. We knew it wouldn’t be long before consumer wearables went from helpful to watchful.

LG has introduced their latest wearable—the KizON—to be released later in the year. While there are other tracking devices, primitive wearables, one-way calling children’s phones, etc. that could be used for similar purposes, the KizON is the first modern wearable product from a major manufacture that’s being aimed exclusively at the smartphone or tablet-based, real-time tracking of preschool and primary school children.

KizON works through a combination of GPS, 2G and 3G cellular radio, and Wi-Fi. The device itself has only one button that, when pressed by the child, places a direct call to a preconfigured number - mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, etc. The device’s outgoing number is set through the KizON app and can be changed at anytime. Parents can also call the device directly for standard two-way communication.

Novelly, if the KizON isn’t answered within 10 seconds of receiving a call, the external microphone will activate and allow the caller to listen in on the device’s immediate surroundings. Additionally, a location reminder feature can be set to provide location updates at pre-set times during the day.

LG indicates that the KizON app works with Android 4.1 or higher, but no mention is made of iOS compatibility.

Specs for the LG KizON

Models & Configurations: One
Colors: Blue, Pink, Green (animation and character themes will be availalble)
Construction: Eco-Friendly, water and stain resistant PTU
Memory: 64MB RAM; 125MB ROM
Battery Life: 36 Hours (sends alert if device falls below 25%)
Price: To be announced

Source: LG via AkihabaraNews

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    Need to be made smaller and put into shoes.

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    That thing is massive!

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    Yes smaller and hidden so a potential deviant could not turn it off or toss it quickly.

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    Whatever happened to holding your kid's hand?

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    ... If i were my kid and i found out someone put a chip in my something somewhere

    i would be most displeased, we're talking about infants here, right ? not teens i hope

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