Turn the faucet on to start charging a smartphone


Hamee (online store for smartphone accessories) released a faucet-shaped adapter for charging iPhone and smartphones called iTAP USB-AC Charging Adapter.

Once you turn the faucet on, iTAP USB-AC Charging Adapter starts feeding power to your iPhone or smartphone (blue light comes on). If you want to stop charging, you can just turn the faucet again. When powered-off, it keeps red light on. It’s a power-saving product.

According to Hamee, overcharging iPhone or smartphones shortens their battery life andiTAP USB-AC Charging Adapter can avoid the problem. It is both practical and humorous-designed.

Price: 2,480 yen

Source: AkihabaraNews

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    Thanks for the idea. I'm going to dunk every stupid mobile communications terminal I can get my hands on into a bucket of water.

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    I thought this was like a modern water wheel when I first read the headline, where you pull electricity out of your faucet when you do the dishes. Perhaps a worthy idea for these times?

    Any engineers in the house?

    I wonder if leaving your phone to be charged past its "full" point is actually damaging to the battery? Anyone know if that is true?

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    Or you could just unplug it. How is turning the 'faucet' any less effort?

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    Truly amazing what people will buy. The ideal gift to give someone to prove you spent some money on them, but not enough to buy something they actually wanted.

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    Water waster!

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