USB-connected hot lunch bag

From Thanko Corp comes this USB-connected warming lunch bag for bento boxes. The bag warms the bento box to 60 C through USB-connection to your PC or laptop. For both Windows and Mac OS.

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    She looks happy.

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    It's because she's thinking "I put sashimi in this lunchbox. Why the hell would I want it hot?"

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    How fast does it do this? Sounds like an invitation to food poisoning unless it does this pretty quickly.

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    USB fed devices are like little vampires sucking laptop battery. I got an USB power adapter, it's better. The bag sounds interesting, but like Nessie asked, how fast does it heat up the food?

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    sheez kinda hot herself, better than the frequently rehashed "aya sugimoto"

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    I like the idea of it, but as some things need to be answered. I agree with the issue stated above, how fast does it heat up? Does it come with a normal AC plug because I could imagine this thing takes a lot of power and I like the concept by itself. Not having to have a computer to heat it up would be nice.

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    even better than an Ipod ;)

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    USB to warm food? That's ITSA (IT-Stone Age). Their site also shows a heated USB mouse - and that's going on my wish list :-)

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    Helllooooooooo Fire Hazard! Nice to meet you.

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