Wireless mouse runs without a battery or battery charging


Sanwa Supply is selling a wireless mouse, 400-MA052, for ¥2,980. It runs without a battery or battery charging. It is powered wirelessly from the accompanying mouse pad.

Once you connect the mouse pad to a USB port, it starts producing a magnetic field, powering the wireless mouse’s circuit.

Wireless mouse: W67 x H37 x L105mm, 72g
Mouse pad: W105 x H215 x L15mm, 140g / Cable length: 1.4m

Source: AkihabaraNews 

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    a magnetic field? did anyone research what magnetic field do to computers and storage devices?

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    Dylan Otoshiro

    But why wouldn't a person just but a wired mouse? because one still has to plug in the mouse pad

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    Mouse pad? Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time. A long time.

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    the point of a wireless mouse is that you don't have as many cords over your desk - so this failure defeats that purpose

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    I use a Logitech track ball bluetooth mouse with four buttons and a scroll wheel. The batteries last more than 2 years. But the cost is about the double of this one.

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    I've seen these on sale a decade ago, when battery life on wireless mice was still an issue.

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    LOL Epic Fail. They just moved the wire from the mouse to the mouse pad. You're STILL tying up a USB port, and the mouse becomes useless once the mouse pad breaks. At least with a battery-operated bluetooth mouse you are TRULY "wireless" and there's no cable getting in the way.

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