With Homekite, you can stay right where you are


Picture the typical family, if you will. One Sunday afternoon, Junior runs into the den and asks Pa to go kite-flying together. “Not today, Junior”, said Pa, “It’s just not windy enough.”

This tragic scene plays out in homes across the kite-loving world. So the brain trust at Takara Tomy came up with Homekite, the first kite to be used in the home.

No longer are we slaves to the seemingly random changes in air temperatures that generate winds. Now we can make our own, thanks to technology.

That’s right: harnessing the awesome power of cranks and propellers, Homekite makes its own adjustable wind.

By turning the crank you create a mild electrical current. The current travels up a wire which also acts as a kite string and powers the fan. Your cranking speed will determine how high the kite goes, with a maximum altitude of up to 150cm.

The kite comes in four designs; Blue Dragon, Flame Red, Phoenix Orange, and Military Green. Each kite will go on sale next year as of Feb 28 for 2,940 yen each.

Thanks to Homekite, we no longer have to go all the way to a lush green park or beach on a warm summer’s day to enjoy kites. Now we can do it right from our living room and freak our pets right out.

Source: Takara Tomy via IT Media (Japanese)

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    Phantastic! Finally we will no longer have to go outside into the sun and the fresh air!

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    Next will be the computer game "SimKite"® Why burn all those calories turning a crank? Let the computer do all the work for you!

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    "a maximum altitude of up to 150 cm"


    "2,940 yen each”

    Double har!

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    Just buy one, fly anytime, anywhere ...

    But then, the fun (and art) in kite-making will be taking a minor setback ... I, for one, wouldn't spend 3000 yen for a kite that will fly just 1 and a half meters from my hand.

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    Sure, it's all fun and games, 'til someone loses an eye.


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    .. have they seen my apartment? Not enough room to swing a cat, never mind fly a kite

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    with a maximum altitude of up to 150cm.

    Yeah. Doesn't that mean that the photo is false advertising, or is it just that the people in the photo are Liliputian?

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    Yeah. Doesn't that mean that the photo is false advertising, or is it just that the people in the photo are Liliputian?

    thats why only the kid is standing and the shot is angled that way...illusion

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