Is Hollywood doing enough to help troubled stars?

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    Burning Bush

    Maybe Hollywood (whoever that is) should tuck in Stars when they go to bed as well.

    Millions of people died on the same day as Mr. Williams, probably hundreds from suicide alone.

    Why do we all have to weep for him but ignore the rest?

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    Is this a joke? Hollywood stars have more resources at their disposal that 99.99% of the planet. Maybe we should take from funds from a homeless shelter and donate it to a suffering movie star? I liked Robin Williams, but movie stars come way down the list of people we should worry about. Way, way down.

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    Burning Bush

    The media wants us to ignore ourselves and worship them.

    I for one certainly don't buy into this global weeping of the death of one man.

    Robin Williams was a man and his suicide is a tragedy, but no more so than any other person who committed suicide on that day.

    Sorry media, I don't worship you nor the talking heads you pay to do your bidding in front of the camera.

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    How about paying them less?!

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    Is Hollywood doing enough for troubled stars?

    Sorry, but those stars aspired for Hollywood in the first place. Let them take care of their own troubles - they can certainly afford it.

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    If you have ever read any psychological literature on wealth, fame etc. it indicates clearly and consistently that people who are focused on materialistic values have lower personal well-being and psychological health than those who believe that materialistic pursuits are relatively unimportant. Strong materialistic values are associated with a pervasive undermining of people's well-being, from low life satisfaction and happiness, to depression and anxiety, to physical, and to personality disorders, narcissism etc. You can see that this not the picture of psychological heath painted by the commercial, media etc.

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    Must be such a hard life for these poor stars.

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