Abe gets his old job back

REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

The leader of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Shinzo Abe, center, is applauded by his party members after being elected prime minister in the lower house of the Diet on Wednesday. Abe, who previously served as prime minister from 2006 to 2007, becomes Japan’s seventh prime minister in six years.

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    SS Abe

    With so many brilliant, fair-minded, and pragmatic Japanese leaders it is sad to see the return of a semi-literate historical revisionist, a man that wants to take a peaceful country into war.

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    SSAbe - I don't think Abe has the kahoonies to do anything. He proved that last time he was PM. When the going got tough he pulled the pin. However, it is the band of right-wing cronies the likes of Ishihara and Hashimoto pulling his strings that are the concern.

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    SS Abe

    Disillusioned, other countries should be concerned when the winning political message is -- we want an aggressive military and we are going to use America to leverage our position.

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    SS Abe

    Should the IAEA be concerned about Abe's aggressive military plans? After all, Japan has 45 tons of separated plutonium that is supposed to not be used for weaponry.

    Why can Japan have plutonium and not Iran? Abe, Ishihara, and Hashimoto have all issued aggressive militant statements about the possession of nuclear weaponry.

    No wonder the IAEA has no credibility anymore.

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    Piotr Gierszewski

    About my previous post: it should be "delusions about WORLD peace", not "war peace". I was thinking "world" and I wrote "war". sighs

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    Same old faces, same old names, same old relatives, same old ideas, same old rot. If I were Japanese, I'd be worried about the future of this country. But it's not my country.

    There are people who compare the current situation in Japanese politics to the situation of Germany during 1930's

    Big difference which these corrupt, incompetent, selfish politicians need to realize: China, Korea and Russia are no longer as weak as they were before. Trying to get along with your neighbours is never a bad thing to do.

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    Gambare Abe-san.

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    I heard that there is an Asahi News report on Abe's daily stomach problems. Is that true? or are his daily stomach problems just not reported?

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    Piotr Gierszewski

    Best wishes to the new PM. I don't expect Abe to be like the American "Abe" - Abraham Lincoln, but I don't find it disappointing at all. Democracy is not about strong leaders, but about efficient power structure. I'm pretty much convinced that Japan has very stable power structure.

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