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Winners of the Best Toy Designs hold their trophies during an event at Tokyo International Forum on Tuesday ahead of the International Tokyo Toy Show which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight June 12-15. Photos of award-winning toys below include Transformer hero toys from Takara TOMY, Hello!Zoomer robot dog, also from Takara TOMY, Anatomical model (Human body game) from MEGA House, Pripasu Idol Link (transmission toy for little girls) from Takara TOMY, a belt from the TV series “Kamen Rider” from Bandai and PROPRICA Moon Stick (Sailor Moon) from Bandai.

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    At last a "Best" award that makes some kind of sense.

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    All children have hopes, dreams, and sweet toys. Toys have more meaning than you could realize. They can be fun and interesting and provide hours of entertainment for them and benefit them as they advance in their quest to learn. Children and their playthings are a microcosm of the culture that they live. Congratulations to all the talented toy designers with great smiles!

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    Congratulations! I agree this one makes sense (for a change). Tired of the best ###ist awards.

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    Make sense but from the other pictures shown, they are electronic toy. There is not much of creativity encouragement involve except the human anatomy one that will actually teach something. Just give the kid a card board box and see the imaginations run wild.

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    I have connections to this industry and i know couple of the people in this pic. They are incredibly talented and hardworking. Good for all of them that their creativity is being recognised nationally!

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    At least they actually represent something this time. I thought I was going to click on the description and see it was some vote to select tarento who best represented 'the spirit of making toys' or something like that. I'm very glad I was wrong, and I guess I can say congrats to these people.

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    Congratulations. Electronic toys are not easy to create.

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