Builders of the new economy

Larry Ellison, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Oracle Corp, left, and Hiroshi Mikitani, right, representative director of the Japan Association of New Economy and, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rakuten Inc, meet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the latter’s official residence in Tokyo on Tuesday.

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    So does Abe use an Oracle database to produce the new Japanese economic figures?

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    Anyone else think Larry looks like Michael Rourke? No offense intended to either of them.

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    Larry Ellison looks an evil character from an 80's action movie :)

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    What has Oracle got to do with enhancing the Japanese economy? I don't quite gte it.

    I remain in jealous awe, regardless, of Mr. Ellison's spectacular and vast, classical Japanese home near Nanzenji in Kyoto, built by a zaibatsu tycoon in the Meiji Era. It's amazing the characteristically anti-foreigner elite of that self-celebrating city allowed such an investment - or encroachment, as they no doubt consider it. I wonder, at the same time, exactly how deeply he actually grasps Japan and the Japanese mentality. Or is that important?

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    I ATTEMPTED to get "Certified" in Oracle ( I by NO means have a CPU for a brain ). A girl I know who does IT ( Majored in Data Base Technology ) and works for a major company told me she HATES that software....doesn't use it. No WONDER I couldn't understand it, and dropped out of that cirriculum..too bad, I could have been RICH.

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    @CHAMADE "What has Oracle got to do with enhancing the Japanese economy?"

    You might equally ask what Abe has got do with it.

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    The only New Economy that will work is a truely sustainable economy i.e. zero growth and valued in terms of welbeing not simply capitalist wealth.

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    "Anyone else think Larry looks like Michael Rourke?"

    Yeah, I think so too...good eye. Or maybe an older Chuck Norris; in any event, his yacht is bigger than (anyone else's) yacht.

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    The dude looks like a vampire from Blade movies

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    New economy may be like Abenomics(?) By the way Oracle shares are tumbling, look at Nasdaq (!)

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    Awesome picture. Larry Ellison is one of a kind!

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    The book Softwars is a good read, his description of Bill Gates is classic, as is the profile of his lady. Just look what real language input data base systems can buy you.

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    Oh man, Abe is clearly horrible. We should just have all the posters on JT run the government/BoJ, then obviously all the problems would be solved, especially since most of the posters here aren't from Japan.

    On a more serious note, Larry Ellison is one of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world; should be admired for his company and advancement of tech among other things.

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    Funny how some of us make some personal comments on people who definitely have what most if not all of us don't have.

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