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    Crush Them

    Tortured for your amusement.

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    Looks like he's saying "Who turned the heat on ?"

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    That zoo could use a renovation...

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    most zoos in japan could use a renovation - they are mostly well behind the times in the thoughtful treatment of their animals...

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    Compared to other zoos that I've been to, Ueno Zoo was more like an "animal prison" than anything else. The place needs some serious TLC.

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    Zoos in Japan suck.

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    This picture is dark. Subjecting a polar bear to Tokyo summer weather is tantamount to animal cruelty. He should be indoors in the air conditioning.

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    i like how the zookeepers have gone out of their way to provide a cheap plastic model of an iceberg as if the polar bear would be like "thanks guys... vaguely reminds me of home"

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    Aside from perhaps Asahikawa Zoo, which still isn't that great by world standards, zoos in Japan are terrible. The Tennoji Zoo in Osaka has (or had) a polar bear that just paced back and forth, panting in frustration, and was missing fur on parts of his body (including head) due to stress. I feel sorry for animals like these.

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    Went to Ueno Zoo and enjoyed seeing many animals I couldn't normally see, but I couldn't help to notice how many of them were obviously stressed and in pain. They just kept walking back and forth aimlessly. :(

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    I love / hate Ueno zoo they have the animals in such small cages and enclosures

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    The Tama Zoo is fairly good, especially the lion's zone. On the other hand, I think that a number of the Ueno Zoo animals long for more open space (as many of us do in Tokyo).

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    Just give a Coke and let him cool off

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