Fans greet Neymar

REUTERS/Issei Kato

Brazilian soccer player Neymar (right, in black) signs his autograph for fans upon his arrival at Tokyo’s Haneda airport on Thursday. Neymar is in Japan for a promotional event and news conference as he continues to recover from a back injury sustained during the World Cup.

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    glad to see him signing autographs. unlike christiano ronaldo who acted like a prima donna and stayed away from most fans when he arrived.

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    Never heard of him before the WC. Now I know all about him. I hope he milks his fame for as long as he can, hangs on to his riches until the day he dies and continues to appear to be an all-round nice guy.

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    Well that's great.

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    All the Top Sports stars for the last 50 years have cashed in on Japan. They make their rounds to the various TV Networks... get paid and leave. That is about all Japan wants of them... they won't pay up to put real stars on their teams... just a bunch of "has beens". Japan's cozy little club of team owners are killing sports in Japan... but at least someone is giving the Japanese a closer look at greatness.

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