Give me liberty

Students on a school excursion gather in front of the replica of the Statue of Liberty at Odaiba in Tokyo.

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    Give me Liberty? Naaa......gimme Pokemon

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    Good to see they get some time outside of the classroom.

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    Hate to say it's not much of a photo, but it really isn't. And it's a lot smoggier than when I've been there.

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    They don't know the real Statue of Liberty in New York has been heavily damaged by Godzilla.

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    Andreas Zachcial

    Japanese students don't know the meaning of liberty.

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    I remember going on adventures like these kids are doing. it was fun and exciting to get out of the classroom and see the world. This is an excellent learning event. Happy Student learn more.

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    Japan can be a very liberated place.

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    Nice to see the homage paid to French design. Merci beaucoup, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi.

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    Thank god I didn't grow up in Japan!

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    Statue of Liberty is one of the first sites when sailing into the New York Harbor and is symbolic of freedom. Her classic stature, face, and attire come from the Roman goddess Libertas, who also represents freedom from tyranny and oppression. The crown is reminiscent of a halo and its spikes show similarities to those of the sun gods, the Roman Apollo, and the Greek Helios. Her right foot is raised as if she is continually on the move, forever bringing freedom to others. Lady Liberty carries a forever-lit torch that enlightens the world which is symbolic of knowledge and brings light to the people. Thus the Statue of Liberty represents many things, among them friendship between nations. It commemorates the alliance between France and the United States during the Revolutionary War.

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