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Members of the Salvation Army are soliciting donations this week in front of department stores in Tokyo’s Ginza district.

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    The tradition began in England over 100 years ago, and gradually apread to many far reaching communities. . . .With the economy at a stand still here, there are many who will benefit from the donations . . . God bless the dedication of these Sally Ann workers.

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    I love to see people still help people. As semperfi says "God bless these Sally Ann workers": I always try to give something to legitimate, reputable charities. And, if your handle means what I think it does, lets have a shout out to the U.S. Marines for their annual Toys-for-tots campaigns. Seeing those Marines in their dress blues at ramrod attention next to a box for collecting toys for needy children always choked me up. I have bought a new toy for their collection many times.

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    Very nice to see ... please support them if they see them.

    Every little bit can help.

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    Good on them. Whilst I don't support any religions, I wish these Salvos all the best - they have most likely battled and beaten personal problems ie alcohol abuse, poverty, homelessness etc - and are now trying to help others in need.

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    I read somewhere that a higher percentage of a donation to the SA goes to a needy recipient than any other major charitable organization. I feel good giving to them, and knowing it will actually help someone.

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    God bless them and their good works.

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    Aww this is great!

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    Ms. Alexander

    Wow, I didn't know they have a Salvation Army here! I used to donate to them when I was in the states.

    My kids are older now so I'm going to have them give to the Toys-for-Tots this year.

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    It would be cool if the lady was playing a shamisen instead of that brass instrument. Looks like the a euphonium or something similar. Anyway, I would toss a few hundred yen in.

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