Japan-N Korean talks resume

Junichi Ihara, head of the Japanese Foreign Ministry’s Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau, third from left, and Song Il Ho, North Korea’s ambassador in charge of normalizing relations with Japan, attend a meeting at the North Korean Embassy in Beijing, China on Sunday.

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    It's sad to think that a portrait of lardarse boy may one day join those scumbags on the wall.

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    I think they should discuss executing all those involved in the abduction of Japanese citizens from past decades, not to mention the RETURN of those who are still ALIVE.

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    WHY are they even talking unless Japan wants to waste more Yen on lies and deceit

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    Maybe someone could answer a Question I have? How long is the Free World going to allow this Clown running North Korea to continue to live?

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    Government loves more spending, planning and control. The Japanese officials are benefiting from this just as much as N Koreans are.

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    Why would anybody agree to having pictures of those two clowns on the wall without a picture of Ronald McDonald as well?

    The free world will have to put up with NK as long as their master, China, protects them. I don't know which is more repugnant....

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