Nori-P returns

Japanese singer and actress Noriko Sakai smiles to the media after her news conference in Tokyo on Saturday, announcing her return to the entertainment industry. Sakai, 41, finished her three-year suspended sentence Friday after being convicted of drug use in 2009. Sakai, who is popularly known as Nori-P, will return to the stage next month in a play about Sengoku era warlord Oda Nobunaga. Sakai thanked her fans for supporting her and said her drug use was a stupid mistake. In a sign of her “rehabilitation,” her ankle tattoo has gone.

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    and we care about this "reformed" druggie because??????

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    i should say i am not a fan of home grown either - britney, lindsay - do they ever really reform?

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    She's standing as if she's still got the cuffs on. Except that she probably never had to wear handcuffs, just like she never saw the inside of a prison. Does she know how lucky she is?

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    That looks like a spliff in her right hand! Or papers.

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    she looks great for 41

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    Tadashi Kawabe

    She has to have the determination not to get back to drug addiction if she really wants to keep her position as actress from now on. I do hope so.

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    Bryan Villados

    Many westerners don't understand that it was her husband (thankfully now ex-husband) encouraged the drug abuse. Not making any excuses for her, but with him out of the picture and in prison, she should be fine.

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    I thought she said at court she wanted to dedicate her life to caring for old people after getting a carer,s mean it was bull because she just wanted to get a lenient sentence?...say it ain,t so...:-).... She does look great though :)

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    Geez, give the poor woman a break. So she got caught doing drugs, and the hypocritical media dragged her through the dirt for it. If anything I admire her for not spilling the beans on all the other celebs doing drugs out there, or taking any one of the countless tabloids that smeared her name to court for slander.

    You are kidding yourselves if you actually believe Japanese celebrities all live squeaky clean lives and that Nori-P was the exception.

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    Okaerinasai Nori-P様 and Good luck!

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    @Tadashi Kawabe

    She has to have the determination not to get back to drug addiction

    Who says she was addicted to anything? Drug use is not the same thing as drug addiction.

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    and we care about this "reformed" druggie because??????

    Because she was one of the most popular idols of her time and plenty of people believe it was her druggie husband than pulled her down.

    EVERYONE deserves another chance. She hurt no one but herself.

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    why are there photographers at the back? those two sitting down seems to love the behind view :)

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    "Look at me, kids! It's okay to do drugs as long as you're a celebrity." One of the saddest parts about society is that more often than not when a celebrity is convicted of something you have heaps of people who support the criminal and shout 'ganbare!' or cheer for them to make a comeback. I can already see the variety shows with people watching her interview, tearing up in the small box on bottom left of the screen while Nori-P's voice quivers and she tears up while talking about how horrible her life was, etc.

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    "Noriko Sakai smiles to the media"

    The media is just a bunch of guys?

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    dmhondz - I believe you answered your own question.

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    Surprised so many on this page are taking the drugs are abhorrent tack w/ her.

    To my knowledge, she wasn't an addict but an occasional user. Big difference in the real world, tho in the world of image in Japan (celebrity) no difference.

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    Is it just me, or do the photographers in the background seem like part of the purpose of the photo?

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    Looks better than whitney did after hittin' the pipe. Imagine what would happen if all people convicted of class A drug felonies avoided prison and got a TV role.

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    Funny, didn't she go back to school for nursing and said she was done with this line of work? I guess not. She blamed her husband for all of this and acts so innocent while ignoring that her family has yak connections and no one forced her into DJing, marrying a guy who cheated on her and left her kid in the care of others when she should have been looking after him. She can remove the tat and smile all she wants but if it walks like a duck...

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    Peter Payne

    They found drugs in her Nori-Pee.

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    Matthew Kean

    We ALL make mistakes and she paid for it sounds like, I hope she makes a big comeback. I wish her the best of luck!

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    Vast Right-Wing Conspirator

    What was that nonsense about removing her tattoo to show remorse or rehabilitation? Typical Japan- try and make a show of something. Much like baseball players who cut their hair to show remorse after losing a few games.

    Unless her tattoo was a shot of her hittin' the bong, who cares?

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    I'm glad she had that nasty tattoo removed.

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