Robo Fish


Lifelike toy fish called “Robo Fish” swim inside an aquarium at a booth of Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy A.R.T.S at the International Toy Show in Tokyo on Thursday. The four-day event will open to public at Tokyo Big Sight on Saturday, showcasing a total of about 35,000 products by 144 toy manufacturers.

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    At least they're nicer to look at than a pet rock.

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    I am a toy show widow this week!

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    Oh, no! It's the Nemonator!

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    Dennis Bauer

    Do they have a robo shark? anyway there was an item on it last morning, some interesting gadgets with smart phones and software.

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    Toys are fun, however a real living fish doesn't need to draw electrical power from controversial sources to keep itself going. A real fish also has more personality :)

    But, robotic fish might be useful as a military tool in the not-too-distant future.

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    I wanna go

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    Dennis Bauer

    Remzz i agree, but i think it is a good solution, coral reefs were almost fished dry of nemo type fish after the movie, and now when it is floating it means battery empty, not fish dead.

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    John Constantine

    If they all swim the same pattern in the same time you could have Synchronized Swimming in your

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    Agreed: dead battery, not fish. Who's had pet fish? That lived? Bonus, no fish poop. Besides, who would know it's fake?

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    The skin looks fake, could have looked a lot more realistic provided they used higher quality plastic.

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    Who's had pet fish? That lived? Bonus, no fish poop

    I did. When i was a kid, we had a fish pond in the back yard. Lava rocks on the bottom with "poop-cleaning" bacteria, lily pads and water hyacinths, some weird water snail and a dozen dragonflies... the whole ecosystem :)

    When we bought the place, there was one orange koi and a couple red fish of some sort. My mother got rid of some and bought another koi that was all white with trailing fins. It was quite mesmerizing to watch. But we did sell and move some years later, so i don't know how they are doing. They are big though, so i assume an expensive fish like that is well and cared for. Yeah, i may be biased towards the kind of fish that aren't affected by power outages.

    @anglootaku, the tail hinge is also visible...

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    As with most of the pics in this category, absolute beautiful photography!

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    Bite size is a 'plus'....they are so cute....that's a 'minus'.....but I bet they taste 'electrifying!'

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    I rather have the robo owl , just like that one in the Clash of the Titans

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