Sumo New Year

Mongolian sumo grand champion Harumafuji, second from left, displays the ceremonial stamping form during the New Year “dohyo-iri” (ring-entering) ceremony by grand champions before 3,000 spectators at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo on Tuesday. See story here.

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    Chuichi Hashimura

    We are waiting for a Japanese sumo grand champion!

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    One of the weekly tabloids wrote that if Harumafuji doesn't perform up to par in the coming tournament he'll be asked to give up his yokozuna promotion and either revert to ozeki or retire.

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    Dennis Bauer

    @Chuichi Hashimura Some of the new arrivals in the upper division look promising.

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    I don't think yokozuna get the option of being demoted back to ozeki. Pretty sure they are forced to retire.

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    That is indeed the case.

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    Retirement is the only option for an under-preforming yokozuna...but the retirement pay is outstanding!

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    What's with this seething undercurrent against the Mongolian wrestlers? Are they in some way inferior to "Japanese" wrestlers?

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    "Mongolian sumo grand champion Harumafuji, second from left..."

    I only see the three wrestlers, so why not "in the middle", unless the judge is or was a wrestler himself.

    Chuichi: "We are waiting for a Japanese sumo grand champion!"

    Don't hold your breath.

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    Takanohana was the best!

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    I fondly remember the great Ake - Taka - Waka "trivalry" !

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    I enjoyed watching Chiyonofuji a long time ago.

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