Temple trio

Women wearing traditional kimonos visit Sensoji Buddhist temple at Asakusa district in Tokyo on Wednesday.

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    Tokyo looks best in the rain.

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    The traditional Japanese kimono is so beautiful but unfortunately it is less seen nowadays. However it always looks gracious and gorgeous.

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    One of the things I always love about Japan is how the old and the new blend in together. Traditional clothing but the young lasses using the hi-tech. Splendid!

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    Whats most interesting to me about the photo is that they are using actual cameras rather than mobile phones to take photos. It seems like they prefer to be tradition in tech as well as clothing. I wonder if they are tourists from outside of Japan?

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    CGB Spender

    Using a real camera has nothing to do with 'traditional', it has to do with 'preferring quality'.

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    I still see many people using camera's even though the mobile/cell and even tablets are mostly used. Even little old ladies carrying a DSLR almost the same size has them.

    The smaller mirrorless cameras are pop because they are small and have a ton of features.

    I think the photographer used a DSLR to pop this shot?

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    The purple kimono is lovely.

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    Ditto that, Wakarimasen, my fave too ! Have always enjoyed purple.

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    nice shot..kawaii!

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    I must say the kimono brings out the charm and attraction of Japanese females of all ages - and I've shot a lot of them, from little girls to grandmothers, rain or shine. Even at Sensoji. Nice.

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    Beautiful young ladies enjoying their day. Can't get much better than that. Nice pic.

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    The woman at the right has a Kumamon umbrella. I think they are tourists from abroad.

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    They look Chinese...

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